Grow. Play. Evolve.

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Grow. Play. Evolve.

Argentine Tango

As many of you know, dancing is one of my passions. My life (at this point) mostly consists of work, play, and study. And at this point, Argentine Tango is about 80% of the play "real estate". It is a beautiful, sensual dance, and the perfect metaphor for LIFE, exemplifying how the masculine and feminine energies interplay with one another. I often times refrain from even calling it a dance. It's more of an "experience". Highly recommend it.

And if there's no joyful inclination in you to try it, try something else. Something that brings you joy. Move the body. Play. It has come into my awareness lately to communicate about the importance of movement in one's life. Movement on many levels, including the physical. The body is a living organism that needs to have life moving through it. This concept we have collectively accepted called "getting old" is completely false, and yet completely true. People DO get old, but not because of the accepted idea we call "aging", but because we "get old" in how we think and perceive the world. We stop to look at things anew. We loose curiosity, courage and spark to explore unmarked territory... and our complacency ages us faster than anything else.

So move, play, rejoice in life... and take care of yourself. Pay attention to how you feed your mind, body and soul. Eat foods which nourish and fuel the body. Love yourself.


It is important.

I've often been asked if I'm a tantra teacher, spiritual teacher, sex therapist, energy worker, healer, life coach, etc.

And I've always struggled with any and all of these definitions, because I am none of them, and all of them at the same time. So, my response is always, "I'm an evolving consciousness." And that is the truest statement I could make.

I am growth. I am expansion. I am evolving. 

This is what I've dedicated my life to, and what I inspire others to do... in ALL aspects of life.

I find that there are many "teachers" out there that focus on one aspect of life, but ignore the rest. There are spiritual teachers that have never had an orgasm. Animal rights activists who are racist. Fitness trainers who are unable to touch their toes. Peace advocates who are unable to have a harmonious relating with their "loved ones". Yoga teachers who are incapable of being in silence for more than 30 seconds... and too many minds that know nothing about their own individual, creative thought. Life is wholeness. We need to embrace it as such.

Keep growing. Keep exploring. Ask questions. Seek answers. Because if you don't, I just have one question for you... WHY ARE YOU HERE?

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