What is Ifa?

In its many definitions, Ifa speaks of the wisdom of nature and universal truths, which is referenced and understood through Universal Laws - the pillars that support this dimension and the base of most world religions and spiritual practices.

Ifa teaches that there are not only positive forces, but negative forces, hence proving that the very perfection of the universe requires balance. The practice of good character and ancestral reverence are the first steps for one to understand their paths. Ifa also teaches that through oracle divination, the Sacred Odu, prayer and the ritualization (fusion) of elements, minerals, plants, certain invocations and incantations and various other methods, one can understand his/her path. This also enables the person to realign him/herself back on their path properly if they have veered off path.

By using Ifa as a tool, one will learn to trust themselves and the creator who lives within. By this, we mean that the Ifa oracle can help one to understand one’s purpose. This helps one to chisel, shape and create their own environment and their philosophical perception of their world. 

- Taken from the O.I.D.S.I. Aborisha Manual

The study and practice of the craft of IFA through its universal definition as the ‘Wisdom of Nature’ provides us with the tools to be in dialogue with our highest selves, our ancestral wisdom and our environment.
— O.I.D.S.I.

About Chief Obafemi Ifayemi Epega

Chief Obafemi Ifayemi Epega, also known as “Baba Femi”, lecturer, metaphysician and author of Who is Sambo, is widely known as a teacher of the traditional African cultural practice, Ifa. He brings the science of spirituality and universal symbolism to preserve the cultural heritage of Ifa in his work to educate those in the Diaspora and abroad about the divine sciences, music, art, communication and healing benefits of the tradition. 

He incorporates his love and understanding of nature in his lectures, and believes that restoration and preservation of African divine sciences and traditions can heal and restore psychological balance and personal empowerment to all people regardless of race, religion, or socio economic background.

Baba Femi studied extensively over the past 20+ years with many historians and scholars abroad. He continues to lecture across the U.S. and internationally to large audiences as well as provide individual consultations on ways to restore and preserve African cultural traditions. Baba Femi is known to more than 350 American students and 1000+ clients.

About Private Ifa Divination Readings

The Ifa concept of divination is a complex system of binary patterns called odus. The odus are 256 in numbers and each pattern carries anywhere from 50 to 200 definitions of a person’s energy within that moment. The consultation will literally tell you where you are, where you come from and where you are headed. Any matters regarding health, career or family will be addressed along with any blockages or obstacles hindering one’s progress. A divination session is where your ancestors, spirit guides and divine higher self speaks through the binary patterns to tell your story.

It is not fortune telling, nor psychic, but does provide an insight into your road to prosperity, good health and long life. Your personal questions will often be answered, and one is allowed to ask as many questions as they need to elaborate on what has been revealed. 

Readings are scheduled for:
Amsterdam -- August 3, 4, 12, 13
Antwerp -- August 5 - 11

150 euro per (approximately 45 min) reading.


About Past Life / Ancestral Readings

Ancestor or Past Life Readings wil determine why you have certain types of experiences and challenges in this life and and how they are left over from a past life. Some call this Karma or Karmic debt.

It wil also determine whether you are coming from the paternal or the maternal side of the family, and how that correlates to the quality of relationships you have with your family and mates in this lifetime. 

This reading will also reveal the "energy pattern" (also known as your destiny) from your previous incarnation and how this effects your life at present.

Readings are scheduled for:
Amsterdam -- August 3, 4, 12, 13
Antwerp -- August 5 - 11.

250 euro per (approximately 1 hour and 15 min) reading.

Sasha Cobra was initiated into Ifa in 2013, and has since been a student and an advocate of Ifa, sharing the power of this tradition by acquainting others with her mentors and teachers. 







Introduction to Ifa


Babafemi's Workshop.jpg

Elevating and expanding ones spiritual self through the wisdom of Nature

What is Ifa?  What is Obi divination?  How is the study of Ifa used for spiritual growth and development?

Amsterdam, Netherlands  ---  August 1st, 2017  ---  1pm - 5pm
(click registration link below for exact address)

$165 USD (approx. 150 euro)


Sacred Ritual & Divination


Day 1 - Divination (Obi Abata)

Obi divination is the oldest form of Ifa divination known to mankind. It is based on a sacred kola nut called Obi Abata which has four separable segments: two males and two females, representing the primary masculine and feminine forces of the universe. 

Obi divination is quick and easy; all that it requires is a sense of psychic, and analytical ability. Questions and matters affecting one’s destiny, health, love and marriage, money and wealth, friendship, happiness and prosperity can be answered by the Obi.

The goal of Obi divination is to help the individual develop a relationship with the cosmic forces that govern our world. It produces the odds which are the basic patterns governing all human activities. The odds can be invoked and used for prayers to overcome difficulties and to attract good fortune.

This workshop will examine the nature of the obi and provide the necessary guidelines for divining. The main part of the second day of this workshop deals with the unique obi characteristics and their meanings in the sixteen single major odus of Ifa. The odus are the key to understanding the different patterns of change that govern all life.

Obi divination is the guide that tells you what to do about your destiny, health, money, love and business relationships.

Day 2 - Sacred Ritual

Rituals can be used as a remedy to bring a person out of an unbalanced place and put them back into a state of balance. A properly recommended ritual can create miraculous change in a person’s life, and it can literally turn their life course in a new direction.

Topics to explore:

  • When is the best time for Sex Magic?
  • What happens when the Moon goes into your Sun Sign?
  • How to use the forces of Nature to work for you?
  • Which forces of Nature to go to at which time of the day/night/year?
  • What "ingredients" to use for different rituals, and why? Certain colors, certain foods, minerals, incantations, etc.
  • Sacred times and seasons for specific rituals.
  • Learn different rituals for love, money, family relations... and more.

Because of the difficulty in obtaining the fresh obi in its original form, a substitute obi is used in the Diaspora. This "New World obi" is created from four cowrie shells, backed by four coconut shells.


Please note: The workshop price DOES include an obi set. 

Antwerp, Belgium

Date: August 5 - 6, 2017

Time: 12pm - 4pm (both days)

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Please click on registration link (below) for exact address of workshop.

$350 USD (approx. 315 euro)  ---  Full price for 2 day workshop  +  a set of Obi (tool used for divination)