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Seed of Transformation (Kirlian Edition) - Barcelona - 2 Day Intensive - August

  • Myoga 40 Ronda de Sant Pere Barcelona, CT, 08010 Spain (map)

(675 euro + 8.99 processing fee)

Workshop facilitated in English.

For info about Seed of Transformation 2 day intensive, visit

PLEASE NOTE: This is a unique opportunity, as it is the "Kirlian Edition" of this workshop. The hours are extended. The number of participants is limited to 20 max (unlike Sasha's usual Seed of Transformation workshops with 40 - 75 participants). And most importantly, we will be including basic Bio-well scans for the participants, as shown in the promo video for Seed of Transformation events. The Bio-well is based on Kirlian photography (also known as Gas Discharge Visualization), however a major difference in the Bio-well technology is that it allows direct, real-time viewing and analysis of changes in human energy fields since the data is quantified and analyzed by sophisticated software. Because the results are obtained so rapidly, it has become an "express-method" for energy and stress analysis. The results are interpreted based on the energy connections of fingers with different organs and systems via meridians that have been used in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

*** IMPORTANT *** - We will email your personal Bio-well scan to you at the beginning of the workshop. 
YOU WILL NEED TO BRING WITH YOU A SMART PHONE, IPAD, OR LAPTOP for viewing the scan during the workshop.