Regenerating Energy/Bodywork


What is it?

Regenerating Energy/Bodywork, is an energy based style of bodywork, which uses sexual energy (universal life energy) to remove obstructions to one’s natural flow of energy through the channels of the body.  The removal of these obstructions is essential for a man or a woman to be able to return to their true essential energy (masculine or feminine) as a body-felt experience. This enables the man or the woman to reconnect with their internal power, their sense of authority and personal integrity.

About the process

Often times, people are aware of needing to change something in their lives, but are too focused on the external to have a clear grasp of what needs to be “fixed”. This style of bodywork is an inward journey toward transformation. It utilizes energy to begin to open places where chronic tension is being held in the body. This tension consists of obstructive theories, thought patterns, belief structures and ideas an individual has of themselves. As the energy accumulates, vibrates and begins to create more space, the body creates a communication with the mind, allowing the individual to have their own understanding, insight and experience into their internal world, seeing any unprocessed feelings and trauma they have been storing in the body, as well as ineffective theories they have been functioning out of, in order to clear and pave the way for transformation. From here, the man or woman is realigned to their true self and empowered to create the changes necessary to live authentically and in alignment with their nature.

Regenerating Bodywork vs. Regenerating Energy Work

Regenerating Bodywork Sessions are done in-person, and are a "hands-on" experience. 
Regenerating Energy Work Sessions are done via phone/Skype, and in workshops when working with large groups. 
Both types of sessions utilize a similar way of working energetically with the body, creating the similar benefits (as listed below).


Regenerating energy/bodywork 



Regenerating Energy/Bodywork Sessions

are available to assist in:


  • removing sexual trauma from the body

  • clearing sexual conditionings, including feelings of shame, guilt, old belief systems, etc.
  • re-sensitizing the body, including heart area and penis/vagina
  • increasing "staying power" (for men)
  • erectile dysfunction (for men) and vaginal numbness (for women)
  • premature ejaculation (for men) and frigidity (for women)
  • opening the energy in the body for more intense, full body orgasms
  • realigning the man/woman to their masculine/feminine nature
  • becoming a multi-orgasmic man/woman



  • releasing trauma from the body
  • releasing fears, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness
  • reconnecting the man or woman to their confidence and power
  • opening the throat chakra to assist in clear communication
  • elevating the frequency of the man's or woman's energy
  • realigning the man/woman to their natural polarity
  • realigning the man to his natural polarity, authority and power.
  • realigning the woman her natural polarity, receptivity and power.
  • releasing unprocessed feelings (anger, rage, unworthiness, guilt, etc.) which affect present interactions
  • resolving any trauma caused by the relating with the mother/father



  • releasing conditionings and old belief systems from the body
  • experiencing your egoless self
  • opening the heart center
  • opening, clearing and rebalancing the chakras to create more access to the higher energy centers
  • refining ability to "see"
  • enhancing intuition 
  • opening the way for abundance and creativity



Full Body Orgasm TV


A few years back, Sasha did a live demonstration of Regenerating Bodywork in Argentina, which was recorded by one of her friends and posted to Youtube with the title of "Man's Full Body Orgasm" . The video went viral (with over 3 million views), and to Sasha's surprise, much of the comments from viewers were negative and discrediting, stating that "it's not possible", "fake", etc., showing just how far we are, as a collective, from knowing our human and orgasmic potential. It was at this moment that Sasha was inspired to start a new Youtube series, FBO TV (Full Body Orgasm TV), in order to demystify full body orgasms, and allow for people to see that anyone and everyone can experience these "states". Being orgasmic is natural to the human body!

FBO TV episodes include a short demo of Regenerating Bodywork, and a casual chat with each volunteer that participates in the series.
If you would like to volunteer for an episode, click here to submit your info.