Seed of Transformation Retreat

July 19 - 28, 2019

Granada Hills, Spain



This retreat, for men and women, provides energy work for healing and connecting to one's natural flow of sexual energy. It is designed to raise the capacity for experiencing increased Bliss and to assist in the eliminating of any general or sexual traumas stored in the body, as well as opening energy channels and pathways that have been obstructed since childhood.

It facilitates women in reconnecting with their positive pole (the heart), while assisting the men in reconnecting with their positive pole (the genitals), thus realigning both to their natural polarity, and opening up the way for more fulfilling and harmonious relationships. 


In the ‘energy world’, what can be done at a short distance, can be done at a long distance... and what can be directed at one person, can be directed at many.

There is NO Time and Space.


The Seed of Transformation Retreat is intended to serve as an alternative to private Regenerating Bodywork Sessions, allowing individuals to experience and receive the benefits of Regenerating Energy Work over the duration of the retreat in a group setting. It’s like having a whole group of people, all having their own “session”, all at the same time, paired with activities for enhancing, supporting, enjoying and integrating our “newly explored spaces”.


About the process:

Often times, people are aware of needing to change something in their lives, but are too focused on the external to have a clear grasp of what needs to be “fixed”. This style of energy work is an inward journey toward transformation. It utilizes energy to begin to open places where chronic tension is being held in the body. This tension consists of obstructive theories, thought patterns, belief structures and ideas an individual has of themselves. As the energy accumulates, vibrates and begins to create more space, the body creates a communication with the mind, allowing the individual to have their own understanding, insight and experience into their internal world, seeing any unprocessed feelings and trauma they have been storing in the body, as well as ineffective theories they have been functioning out of, in order to clear and pave the way for transformation. From here, the man or woman is realigned to their true self and empowered to create the changes necessary to live authentically and in alignment with their nature.


  • removing trauma from the body

  • re-sensitizing the body

  • opening the energy in the body for more intense, full body orgasms

  • releasing fears, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness

  • elevating the frequency of the man's or woman's energy

  • realigning the man/woman to their natural polarity

  • releasing conditionings and old belief systems from the body

… and much more.

Energy work exercises will be done individually and in partners.
(There is no requirement to attend the workshop with a partner.)
Participants will receive recommended “practices” for doing at home, as a way of continuing their individual work for continued opening and expansion.

PLEASE NOTE: This retreat is NOT a professional training.
Everything shared and gained in this 9 day journey is intended to be for your own personal use only.

I will never ever be the same. Your work is magic. You are magic. Eternally grateful for this experience.
— L. K., Denmark

It is important to state that when an individual changes their “internal world” (as is the focus of the retreat), their “external world” reflects those changes in any and all areas of life — love, health (physical, emotional, mental), sex, family, finances, career, creativity, pleasure — it is endless possibilities, and all with a true commitment to living life in alignment with each individual’s unique Spirit.

*** Individuals dealing with trauma, chronic health issues, sexual dysfunction, pain, dis-ease, depression and anxiety are encouraged to participate, as this kind of work can often create a breakthrough in the area they are wanting to work on.

*** Individuals who are happy, loving, orgasmic, and juicy are all encouraged to participate as well, as our potential is infinite, and there’s always more “juicy” to experience.


There will be magic, orgasmicness, FEELING, connection, understanding, compassion, joy, tears, laughter, healing, transformation…


Unlike many other retreats that offer a very flexible itinerary, the Seed of Transformation retreat has been carefully curated by Sasha to involve a guided program of instruction (talks, energy work, movement practices, meditation), sharing (dance, music, socializing) and integrating (journaling, sharing silence).

Arrival - July 19 - after 3pm
Departure - July 28 - at 12pm
Sasha intentionally withholds the details of the schedule, allowing participants to trust the process, and enjoy the ride. After all, the best adventures are always the ones that bring us a taste of the unexpected.

Our Sanctuary


Hidden Paradise


Our sanctuary

Hidden Paradise is a completely “off grid” retreat centre nestled in the foothills of the Alpujarra mountain range in Orgiva, Spain.
(Closest airports: Malaga & Granada)


Workshop space

The Earth Temple is a spacious wooden open plan circular temple with traditional earth floor.
A powerful sound system with full range bass speakers and enormous views down the valley. 



We have shared & single occupancy bedrooms in various dwellings built using locally sourced materials in traditional Alpujjaran style, as well as treehouses and fully furnished tepees.

Hidden 6.jpg


Our experienced chefs take pride in creating delicious, healthy meals using home-grown and where possible organic and always locally-sourced ingredients, to prepare nutritious raw and cooked vegan dishes.

You’ve opened my eyes to what I always thought was just science fiction... Now I know it is real!
— L. N., France

2500 €

What’s included?

  • All retreat activities

  • Shared accommodation for 9 nights
    (extra fee applies to those needing single occupancy accommodation)

  • All meals (vegan - raw and cooked meals)

  • Fruit and tea throughout the day


  • Transportation to/from Hidden Paradise Retreat Center



There is no prerequisite, nor a need to have previous experience with energy work and/or “Tantra” to attend this retreat.

However, to ensure that we cultivate a cohesive group for this journey, spiritual divination will be used to decide which applications will be accepted. 
Usually 99% of all applications are accepted, as it is for a reason that you are called to participate in this retreat, and on the rare occasion that our divination does not accept an applicant, it is usually for a reason the applicant is already aware of, and we can discuss it with them. 




Important To Note:

The retreat will be video and audio recorded.
The video recordings will be of Sasha, and only those participants who choose to be filmed. You will not be filmed if you don’t want to.

Cancellation Policy:
1000 euro deposit is non-refundable.
After May 30th, all cancellations will not qualify for any refund.

This is a ceremonial, drug-free event.
No drugs. No alcohol. No marijuana.
If we notice you using any of these substances, you will be asked to leave, and no refund will be issued.

This retreat is not recommended for pregnant women, or for anyone undergoing surgery up to 1 month prior to the retreat.
If you have any questions/concerns, please contact us.

After selling out the retreat, we have been able to add 10 more spaces!

Participants are joining us from ALL OVER THE WORLD.
(From over 20 different countries)!

Join us.



To Register:

The retreat is now SOLD OUT!

The next retreat is scheduled for July/August 2020.

Sasha, please keep planting these seeds. The world needs this!
— J. S., Australia


“There are no words I can say to really express my gratitude. All I can say is… Mind blown. Body opened. This was amazing!
People have no idea what orgasmic energy can do. Thank you for everything.“

“I'm sitting here on my bed with tears of relief and joy in my eyes. I attended your workshop this weekend and just listened to one of your podcast interviews. The reason why I'm in tears is that I feel like I finally found someone who perfectly puts in words what I know to be my reality. There are so many things that feel clear to me, but I had no way of relating or expressing them. Through your words, I found a channel that is so clear, so warm, so full of truth.”

“I love your warm, playful energy and your way of interacting with people. I have rarely seen someone connecting with a large group of people in such a loving and caring way that you did. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am sure our paths will cross again and I can't wait to dive deeper into all that is life.”

“You gift people with the most important gift of all — the gift of healing. I will tell all my friends about this. Everyone needs to know about your work.”