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Sasha is an internationally known speaker, sparking the hearts of audiences at festivals, conferences and special events. She fuses her deep sensitivity to energy with a loving, direct, and in-your-face approach, sharing insights specific to the interest of each group, and bringing awareness to issues that many avoid, especially around sexuality and relating.

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Sasha has spoken to a wide range of audiences for communities with distinct interests. This range covers communities with a focus on spirituality, tantra, relationships, scientific and medical research, as well as business and entrepreneurship. Because no matter who we are, and what we have dedicated our lives to, our happiness, success and fulfillment is stemmed from our connection to ourselves, our Life Force (Sexual Energy) and each other. Everything leads back to how we relate to our sexual energy. This is what Sasha focuses on bringing into Light.


Popular topics:

Orgasmicness as a Healing Modality

Unspoken side of #metoo

Epidemic of plastic surgery

Sexual initiation for young adults

Creativity, Money, & Sex

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