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This Work addresses the many ways we have been conditioned to function against our nature, and leads us back to what is REAL and ESSENTIAL to Life. Love and Truth.  

It inspires us to look at all of our ways of “being”, within and without, encouraging us to live a more conscious life in every aspect of our existence.

This body oriented work, coupled with practical wisdom, offers solutions to some of life’s greatest struggles, and reminds us that being human is an orgasmic, loving, joyous, compassionate experience to be had and shared with ourselves and the world.

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Upcoming Retreats


Granada Hills, Spain
Level 1 & Level 2
July/August 2020.

Seed of Transformation RETREATS for men and women.
Last year, the retreat sold out within a week after opening registration.

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Upcoming Workshops

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Seed of Transformation, a 2 day intensive for men and women, focused on using Regenerating Energy Work for healing and transformation. (Workshop facilitated in English)


About Sasha Cobra

In a world where consciousness and spirituality are pointing to be the upcoming trend, all types of “gurus” and “spiritual leaders” are popping up, bombarding people with information around sexuality, spirituality, and relating, which is often times misleading and inaccurate. The teachings that Sasha shares, as well as the energetic bodywork, are truly unique, giving her the opportunity to cut through the clutter, deeply connect with people, and establish herself as a true spiritual leader.



Seed of Transformation - 2 Day Intensives

These workshops are intended to serve as an alternative to private Regenerating Bodywork Sessions, and allow individuals to experience and receive the benefits of Regenerating Energy Work in a group setting, at a discounted rate. It’s like having a whole group of people, all having their own “session”, all at the same time.

Regenerating Energy/Bodywork

Regenerating Energy/Bodywork, is an energy based style of bodywork, which uses sexual energy (universal life energy) to remove obstructions to one’s natural flow of energy through the channels of the body.  The removal of these obstructions is essential for a man or a woman to be able to return to their true essential energy (masculine or feminine) as a body-felt experience. This enables the man or the woman to reconnect with their internal power, their sense of authority and personal integrity.

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Sasha is an internationally known speaker, sparking the hearts of audiences at festivals, conferences and special events. She fuses her deep sensitivity to energy with a loving, direct, and in-your-face approach, sharing insights specific to the interest of each group, and bringing awareness to issues that many avoid.